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THE RESET – Comprehensive Integrative Changework, Coaching & Hypnosis


What’s Included:

– 1:1 Individualized Weekly Coaching Support

– Twelve 60-Minute Virtual Sessions

– Email Support In Between Calls

– $6K Investment

What you’ll get:

- Set Yourself Up for Success—Navigate any struggle or life transition with more ease, confidence, clarity & grace

- Smash Stress & Anxiety—Feel like yourself again—Move through the day feeling better, lighter & more energized—Sleep better

- Prioritize Yourself & Protect the Asset—Hey! That’s YOU!—So you then have the capacity & energy to support others (without it being at your cost)

- Improve Your Mental & Emotional State—Shift out of negative patterns of spinning out & racing thoughts

- Support Your Nervous System—Feel calmer, more grounded & at peace as you increase your problem solving capacity

- Partner With Your Unconscious Mind—Use self hypnosis to replace unwanted patterns with supportive ones


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