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Team You: Awaken Clarity, Confidence, and Joy by Honoring All Parts of Yourself!


Available as paperback or e-book !

Befriend your world within, so all sides of you can work together on the same team: Team YOU!

Team You is a friendly and profound guide-book designed to introduce you to the concept of inner archetypes and psychic multiplicity in a tangible and accessible way, in the context of life-coaching. Each chapter leads into a hands-on activity (and the book includes access to guided meditations as well), so you can experience the power of "parts work" for yourself! Learn to identify, embrace, and love all parts of who you are so you can experience greater clarity, inner harmony, and fulfillment.

“What a wonderfully refreshing and well written self help book! Jeanine exudes creativity and joy in her writing. I love the strategies to dig deep and get to know each individual piece of myself. Through using the tools in this book, I began to make decisions with greater ease and compassion. I feel so grateful and forever changed after reading Jeanine’s work. This is a must-read for anyone in search of peace, clarity, and insight into their own mind!" ~ Sydney Doolittle, Breath-Work and Ayurvedic Practitioner, WY


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