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Faith Frequency Incubator


Welcome to the Faith Frequency Incubator, where you can take your spiritual journey from a tumultuous never-ending project to an ecstatic fluid experience. If you feel like you have gone above and beyond when it comes to personal-growth yet still feel stuck and searching, or you always need to go back to a coach or therapist to make decisions, you are not alone. The Faith Frequency Incubator is a unique group experience designed for the spiritual seeker who is looking to move beyond the familiar, outdated patterns and cross over the threshold from a place of chasing healing to actually thriving, offering you the opportunity to unlock the door to your fullest potential. I have created this program for people who are tired of having to go back to therapy and coaches over and over again. It is never too late to transform your life and I am confident that this program can help you get there.


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