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1:1 CAPTIVE Coaching = 6 month program


C.A.P.T.I.V.E Goal and vision mastery with a directed pathway. Move your business and professional career forward and learn to build and enjoy the life you want.
*Clear- your vision and goals are clearly defined and easy to understand
*Ambitious- ready to be challenged and pushed beyond your comfort zone
*Powerful- making sure your goals are impactful and meaningful
*Timeline- having specific timeframes and benchmarks within your plans
*Intentional- being deliberate and purposeful in all you do
*Visible- having your goals in sight as visual reminders of your “why”
*Evaluate- regularly assess your progress, making adjustments as needed
6 months of high-performance coaching, with a tailored approach that is specifically designed to meet your unique needs, goals, and vision.

Unlock explosive business growth and personal transformation with our exclusive 6-month High-Performance Coaching Program. This immersive journey seamlessly blends strategic guidance with holistic development, taking you far beyond conventional coaching.
Areas of focus will include: advanced personal growth, building confidence anchors, executive-level business development, strategic sales mastery, BLOOM goal setting and VIVID vision development, innovative problem-solving.
What's included:
*A customized Action Plan that will serve as the roadmap to your coaching program
*2x (45 minutes) bi-monthly coaching sessions, held virtually
*Recorded copy of each session
*Cumulative notes and updates from each call, highlighting action plan and goal momentum
*Client can choose (1) 15 minute weekly update call with Coach Egi, if needed
*Unlimited support via Marco Polo during business hours
*Supporting reference materials for enhanced study and development


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